Want to get involved but overwhelmed by the need?

Start by reading this.

If you keep up with current events at all you are probably overwhelmed by the global needs around us. Natural disasters like the recent earthquake in Nepal pull at our heart strings, urging us to get involved. The need is so great and we are so small, what can we do? How do we choose where to focus our small amount of resources?

First, remember that you are not alone, physically or spiritually. You are part of the larger body of Christ and our God owns it all. Remember too that if a large number of people do just a little, it can add up to a lot. If just one dollar was given by each person in the United States the sum would total more than $300 million. A lot could be done with that much money!

Here are five things to do right now that can focus your effort for the kingdom.

  • Get involved with something your church is doing. One Sunday I was at a church that was beginning a work to help Somalis in the apartment complex next door.
  • Take time to get to know (begin a relationship with) people you see regularly, like your barista, or checker at the grocery store. Take an interest in their lives.
  • Make it a goal to do something for someone each day without getting anything in return.
  • Get to know and pray for a missionary that your church supports. Find out what their needs are.
  • Offer to be part of the missions committee at your church.

None of these things will cost you money, but they will cost you time and in many ways time is more valuable than money. Spending your time for the kingdom will require the sacrifice of other things you could spend it on. It might be difficult but very few things of value are easy!

So, what’s your next step?

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